Monday, December 29, 2014

Hey guys!

So another week has passed by and I am ofically 6 weeks into my time into the field. Time has passed by really fast!

Tuesday we had a huge conference in Chillan for everyone in the Chile concepcion mission. SHOOT there were so many people!! 250 missionaries in one auditorium hahah. dang. Anyways it was super fun! We had time for skits, a video slideshow thing of all of the picures from the year, a message from president and hermana arrington, and then from and area 70, then we got to eat lunch! Oh my gosh lunch they gave half of a chicken to each person and then still had 20 chickens leftover....can you say overplanned? hahaha anyways I loved the video so much they had a picture of each missionary with their families and then talked about families being together forever. So sweet! 

The next day was Chrsitmas eve which was a normal day except we got to have a dinner with a family in the ward. It was so coold to spend Chrsitmas eve with a family and we even got Chinese food! It was good! I really miss real Chinese food hahahah so fun though!

Christmas we did service and then I got to skype you guys so good day there :)

The day after I had a mini combio this with Hermana Alverez, one of our sister trainers. This was such a great experience. It was amazing to see all that I have learned in these 6 weeks. It was also interesing because she told me that I was the first new missionary that they had stay in their own sector and lead the combio. I was really nervous about this because I had no idea where we were going in our plans that day. I know God blessed me because by some miracle I was able to lead her around pretty well. I also got to lead the lessons. That was a really good experience and taught me that I actually know how to teach people and am a real missionary haha. 

After this combio a lot of people were telling me, especially the members, how much my spanish has improved since I first got here. This is something nice to hear because spanish is something I am always struggling with, so I was really blessed to have to opportunity to view how I have changed through this mini combio. 

Oh man and let me tell you, since last night I have realized how short people are here hahah. So I was walking out of a house last night and they have fenses in front of the houses..So turns out I am taller than I thought because I thought I had ducked down enough to pass through uh nope! I have a huge bump on my head to prove it and a tired come who had to wake my up during the night to make sure I could remember my name hahah. One time she asked and I said Chelsie yeah that was weird hahah. Anyways Chileans need to be taller hahah. 

Oh to make it better we have real combios today. Just imagine combios as the hunger games when they had the reapings, but we don´t get to volunteer as tribute. yep. hahah but not worries guys I am still in Cauquenes for another 6 weeks with hermana fisher! wahoooooo 

Until 2015, 

Hermana Godown

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey all!

I hope you are all so stoked for Chrsitmas next week! I know I am. This last week was so good! 

We started it by having to travel to Concepcion on wednesday for a doctors appointment  for hermana fisher. It was amazing because guess what? I got subway! Oh my gosh it was glorious to have normal food hahaha and yep we got chocolate chip cookies. Oh man I was soooooo happy hahaha anyways that trip took a whole day because of the bus schedule so that wasn´t good. I was so so happy to be in the city though. The area I am in is like farm country. So sad hahaha

Anywayssss the next day Hermana Fisher celebrated her 9 months in the mission! YAY!!!! I bought ice cream because we all know I have an addiction and think everyone else has this same obsession hahah. Also I talked her into burning a skirt haha elders burn a shirt we burn a skirt. WIN! I attached a picture haha pretty sad what excites me now......

Spiritual moment of the week haha:

This week gave me a lot of hope and a huge testimony of prayer. We found a new investigator this week and it has been really hard for us to do so. His name is Mauricio and has a 10 year old daughter, Estefania. They are the investigators we have been praying for. They atre super nice and have a huge tesimony and faith in Chrsit.

We had a noche de talentos for our ward on saturday and invited Maurico and Estefania to it. They whole day we had members cancelling on us saying they couldnt come. So the time comes for our activity and no one is there. Our investigator was the first one to show up. Hermana fisher and I were freaking out. I just remember praying in my head for 30 minutes straight that people would show up. God really blessed us because an hour later we had a good turn out and people to welcome our investigators. It turned into a really fun night of people sharing their talents. 

This week gave me a lot of hope and a lot of faith. I am so blessed by God in this life. That he listens to my prayers and that he answers them. 

I am so thankful to have you guys and I love you all,

Have and awesome week before Chrsitmas

Hermana Godown

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SO today I ofically made it two months in the mission! WOOOOO!!!! hahaha my comp and the sister trainers have been reminding me all day today and gave me cookies and stuff. That is definatly a difference between being a sister and and elder, sisters celebrate everything hahaha. 

We have been having a difficult time finding people these last two weeks. It is so sad, but everyone goes to the beach for the summer so I guess it is normal....but lame hahaha. 

This last week we had a lot of training classes in the morning which is awesome because there is always room for improvement right? Well we had one with all of the sister in the area and we played water balloon volleyball. Super hilarious when everyone is in skirts. Lets just say I only fell a couple times.....hahah

That night was a little difficult because all of our appts fell through and everyone was yelling at us that day that they had their own religion. Super fun. Anywayssss it was super nice because the senior missionaries in our area came to drop stuff off and saw we were all having a rough day so they came back and gave us strawberry shortcake. Oh my goodness we are spoiled in this area haha. 

Okay and last funny story one of the recent converts we teach has a son who is 30 but is a little special and has the mind of an 8 year old. So we walk in the casa and are saying hi to his mom and he comes up behind be and is trying to give me a kiss on the cheek! I was like woahhhhh fernanado back up ahahhaha then we start the lesson and he looks at his mom and asks why hermana fisher and I dont wear shorter skirts. UM WHAT? hahahah oh my gosh we were dying. Needless to say it was an interesting lesson hahaha 

Okay gospel. I know that this church is true and God listens to our prayers because without it I dont think I would be able to understand anything or anyone haha. So blessed to be serving a mission where I have these experiences. Thank you all of your support and love

Hermana Godown

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 2 in Chile

Hey all! 

So this second week was super good! We had a lot of ups and downs but I hear that the best missions do! 

So after I wrote you guys last week we had one of our investigators call us and say she didnt want our lessons anymore. Um yeah no. So we went to her store (She owns a little grocerystore here they are all over Chile) and talked to her. Turns out she juist felt life was to difficult and she had other reasons but let me juist tell you that the spirit works in amazing ways. We were able to talk with her and help her see that the Lord is always there for us no matter what happens and when we follow him things some how become easier. 

I know that the Lord helps me when I am having rough times and will always heal my soul. I am so blessed to be a missionary who can bring this message to others and help them to change their lives. 

Okay three quick funny stories:

1. We were tracting on a difficult day where all of our appointments fell through and we look over and there is a bunch of Evanjelicas walking aroung singing hymns and preaching through a meagaphone.....yeah they started following us around and were trying to convert us hahaha

2. Walking home from church yesterday a 50 year old guy walks up to me hands me a boquet of flowers and says these are for you and walks away hahaha dying. 

3. We were walking the other day and these teenage boys were standing on a corner and started throwing little crab apples at us to get our attention.....yep gringas get all of the attention here hahaha

happy late thanksgiving! We dont celebrate it here in Chile so I hope you all had some stuffing and pie for me. It was a good day though my comp and I walked around all day saying what we were thankful for.....yep it was a long list hahah. 

something cool the church is doing is a campaign called he is the gift. There are renting out a big scrren in times square for the whole month of december, they have a website, and are doing a promotion on youtube. I encourage you all to go on lds.organd click on the link for he is the gift. It is a video about the birth of Chrsit and accpting his life as the gift. It is Chrsitmas season and we all are excited for gifts, but have we accepted the greatest gift of all?

Love you all and hope you have a great week,

Hermana Godown

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey all,

So this week has been such a wild ride. I left the CCM a week ago today. Got to chile on Tuesday and arrived in Concepcion. We went to the mission office after that where I was told I would be in Caucquenes for at least the next 6 weeks! I was also given a trainer! Wohoooooooo!!! Her name is Hermana Fisher and she is a gringa from Idaho! Yay!!!! So we took our three hour bus ride and right from the get go were working. YAY!

So literally we dropped off my bags and went and tought people. INSANE! Can I just say I literally had no expectations of what a mission was going to be like and that is probably a good thing. I have yelled at peoples doors (they all have gates so we cant knock we yell ha-lo) ,talked to at least 70 people, and beared my teastimony a numerous amount of times, but it has been so amazing. I know the Lord blesses me every second of this time I am on my mission. 

Oh and soemthing else cool? I have fallen asleep in 2 lessons and in church. It is something I can not control. I am literally always tired....this dang time difference! It is so funny though. My companion and I just laugh when it happens because apperarantly everyone does it.

Okay coolest thing ever is that we had a baptism on saturday!!!! YAY! So this kids name is Diego and he is 9 years old. His mom was inactive when the missionaries found them and his dad is a heavy catholic. So he was adorable because he was so scared of the water! The brother that was baptizing him was saying the baptizm ordinance and Diegos hand was shaking so bad!!! Haha it is all good though he is so happy now and he is trying to convince his dad to take lessons. That would be AMAZING!!! Oh something really cool was before he got baptized we had a few primary kids bear their testimonies and it was the best thing ever. Ever want to feel the spirit super strong? Have children ebar teastimonies. Done. 

Okay and the food. Half good half weird. I had my first completo the other day...SO GOOD!!!!

Also If anyone wants to feel really good about themself come to Chile. I literally have like 50 people a day yelling gringa and saying they want my eyes and my hair.....basically I am a godess here so yeah ahahah jk about the godess thing but for reals I am a rare thing here and people are hilariosuly reacting to it. 

Have a good week everyone and the gospel is true. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Hermana Godown


Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey all!

Not too much happened this week! We had more friends leave us, but my district only has 4 days left here at the CCM. I am so excited to say that I leave on Monday afternoon for Chile! YAY! SERIOUSLY SO STOKED!

They decided to start giving talks in spanish for us so that has been fun! I am so happy that is last week Hermana Elderedge and I did a solo (only) español day! We spoke only spanish for a full 24 hours. It is crazy how much spanish we realized that we knew after that day! 

Other than that we just have classes everyday. Life is pretty good at the CCM. 

Oh funny story okay so we get kinda bored during study time. We are studying, but we are a bunch of people who get distracted easily hah. So this week we realized that the tiles of our floor come up sometimes, so we started lifting up tiles anddddd....WE FOUND NARNIA!  hahaha okay so it was a time capsule that missionaries from a year and a half ago made. It was pretty hilarious. (picture attached). So we in our district decided to put stuff in it too and our emails. It will be interesting to see if anyone finds it! 

So two really cool experiences from this week: 

1. In the MTC you create an investigator profile of someone who converted to the church, and you play that person while someone else in the class teaches you (Sorry if that confuses you). So my investigator was use in a teaching lesson this week. It is so cool to be able to play an investigator because it gives you a feel of what it is going to be like when you teach someone. I felt the spirit so strong during that lesson. It is so funny how even in a fake role play scenario the spirit is super strong. 

2. On Sunday we learned all about prayers and then finished the day with a movie about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It is interesting to me how all matters of this church fit together so seamlessly. On Saturday night we had a lesson about desires. how we need to make sure that our desires align with those that God has for us. We should be talking with God to know what he desires for us in this life. Then the next thing I know we get a lesson on having specific prayers. In our prayers we can specially ask God to answer our questions in a certain way and he will let us know his will. I know that this church is true and that God answers our prayers no matter how trivial it may seem. 

So that pretty much sums up my week! 

Hasta luego Mexico y bienvenidos Chile! 

Hermana Godown


Solo español everyday all dayyyyy

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Technically Week 3

Hola mis amigos y familia,

Este semana estaba muy divertido. Mi español es mejor pero my pronunciacion es mas o menos.......

hahha enough of the spanish! Things are getting pretty repetitive here and let me just say that out district joke is that since today is friday we have tomorrow and then it is sunday which means it is a good day and then we have to get through Monday and then the next day is pizza day then it is p day so since today is wed it is basically p day. Can you tell that we live for p day?

Anyways this last week was good. I did a lot of spanish learning and teaching investigators (not real ones). My companion and I are doing really well in our lessons. This last week she was really homesick because this is her first time being away from home. She cried for the first time and did it right before we met with our investigator. I tried the best that I could but we all know I am not good with crying so a lady from the provo MTC helped us out. I know that we all have super difficult days in the mission where we just want to give up and go home, and this was her day. Hermana Evenson and I are really working on telling each other more since we dont like to talk about how we feel. haha

We also got to have a super good devotional (where someone gives a talk to us for an hour) by a member of the quorum of the 70, Elder Clarke. It was really good. He talked to us about missionary work, because that is what we are doing haha. He said that we need to make sure that when we leave our missions that we are changed for the better. We cant be the same person when we get back or there is no point in us being here. We need to realized that God is our Heavenly Father and we are his children. He also made sure to tell us the importance of the Book of Mormon and to make sure we know it is the most true book on the Earth. Love it. 

This last sunday part of our zone left, they were the district to welcome us into the zone. They were all so amazing and we only have 2 districts now :(. Hey guess what though? With them leaving and another district leaving this week our district is the oldest in our zone. Oh an guess what? because of that there were callings open. So guess who got called to be sister training leaders? Me and my companion! Yay! We welcome our new district tomorrow! I am so excited! 

Ummm let me see what else. My spanish is coming along pretty well! We got to leave the compound this morning and go into the city to see the temple. It is closed for construction right now so we got to go to the visitors center. It is sooooooo nice to see the city! It reminds me a lot of downtown LA but wayyy more colorful and dirty at the same time. Oh and new record I had a conversation with a native for 20 minutes! What up! haha we just had some natives move into our house though so that record should be broken pretty soon! 

OH MY GOSH I FORGOT THE BEST PART! I have a new boyfriend. JK he isnt my boyfriend but this little Guatemalan Elder Call Call is in love with meeeee hahah! His last day was on Sunday and he asked for my email (the equivalent of a phone number here) and wanted a picture! he already emailed me haha and it is in all spanish but he is seriously so cute you guys haha

So all is well here in Mexico. I am halfway through my stay here and I am so ready to get to Chile! I love you all and know this gospel is so true! I am so blessed to be here and to have such amazing people in my life! 

Have some Taco Bell for me because I am dying with real mexican food....except for the tamales. TOO  GOOD! 

Hermana Godown

today at the temple!

Elder Call Calls email

Elder Call Call is so adorable!!!

our teacher brought us sugar skulls for day of the dead oh and we got bread too! It was soooo good I ate it all and forgot to take a pic haha it tastes like Hawaiian rolls!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Subject: Day 15

I decided days are easier than weeks because I cant decide whether this is week 2 or 3 haha
Anyways! Most of the week I am just studying my brains out. Pretty graphic image right? haha Well my Spanish is coming back pretty well. I am to the point where the past couple lessons with our investigators I don't take any notes and do it all off the top of my head. God works some pretty great miracles to those who are faithful. Oh speaking of investigators we finished teaching Jorge last week! Wooo we got him to commit to baptism too! YAY! Oh but wait there is more.....Turns out Jorge is our new night teacher! YAY! haha His name is actually brother sines, but we still call him Jorge even though it isn't his name hahaha. So Monday we got a morning investigator and a night investigator. Our morning investigator is Aurora and our night investigator is.....Jorge! hahaha Brother Sines forgot to show us the video for our new investigator so we are teaching Jorge again hahahah 

Okay enough boring stuff! Want to here something cool? We had and apostle come to the CCM! Saturday Elder Anderson from the quroum of the 12 came and spoke to us. OH and he shook EVERY missionary's hand! What? Yeah there are 450 of us...450 hands....TONS of hand sanitizer haha but really it was an amazing time and something I will never forget! He talked about missionary work and the atonement. The first thing we should be telling people is about Christ. Missionaries exist to bring people to Christ and help them to know that he suffered for our sins. We need to make sure that we know that too and we are our first convert to this gospel. 

Hey so does anyone remember my story last week about my Sunday talk being the topic for the next week? Yeah guess who had to give a talk this last Sunday? ME! I should have seen it coming hahaha but it was pretty okay. I talked reallyyyyyyy slow haha....but at least everyone understood? HAH go me. 

Last night was pizza night and Devotional. Pizza is always good and not questionable meat...wait um actually pepperoni might be but lets just focused on the fact that pizza is delicious. Devotional was great! I got to sing come thou font in the CCM choir and the big honchos from the Provo MTC spoke to us. One of the guys was in charge of all of the teaching at all of the MTCs in the world. His talk was awesome. Also he showed us pictures of all of the MTCs all over the world. Two things. Ready? 
1. At least I am in Mexico and not in Ghana. Food. WAY questionable haha 
2. Go look up a picture of the England MTC and then if you still have the chance to serve a mission pray super hard that you get sent there!!!! GORGEOUS!! hahah

Oh and want to picture something super funny? Imagine 4 Hermanas (in skirts) and 4 elders (one with a practically broken foot) running to their houses from their classroom and back. Um Yeah you are dying right? hahaha so were we. It was for a stress management activity. Now we know running in skirts is stress relieving hahah oh man too funny Miss you all,

Hermana Godown

PS If anyone wants to send me letters use they get here the next day unlike dearelder which takes two weeks and snail (regular) mail which will get here when I am gone hahahah

​These are the Hermanas who welcomed us when we first got here and they left last week :(

​All of the Hermanas in our zone :)

​When we got locked out of our casa! It was 2 hours before we could get in to go to bed hahah

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Semana 1 at el CCM

Hola everyone

Okay so this has probably been the longest week of my life! They jam pack so much into one day here I didn't even think it was possible. I am so tired all of the time and got to take a nap today so I am super happy!

It turns out that my layover in Atlanta was so no reason because another Hermana in my district went from LAX to Mexico city sooooo I am still a little annoyed with that hahha. 

So I ended up meeting my companera on the layover in Atlanta and her name is Hermana Evenson and she is from Utah. She just turned 19 and just graduated from high school so she is a little homesick. 

We got here and had a bunch of info thrown at us then were shown to our casas. Yes I get to live in a house. Me and my companion share a room with two girls from our district who are companions hermana eldredge from California and Hermana wood from Utah. We all get along well, it is the first week though so knock on wood haha

We met our district which is elders and sisters pput together to learn spanish hahaha
There are eight of us so it is a pretty small district. We met our zone (3 districts put together well that is what ours is haha) and they are seriously awesome and we all have a good time together :)

Basically our days are jam packed with learning spanish and teaching our investigator Jorge. It is kinda difficult because my companion is originally from the ukraine so she has an accent and knows like 4 languages so you would thing spanish would be easy for her but it is wayyyyy harder. So she cant speak to the investigator like at all. I am the one who talks to him and understands him (for the most part) so it is pretty much just me teaching Jorge. FUN. The spanish is coming along slowly but I am kinda remembering things. 

Sundays are the best. Ever. We don't have to speak or hear spanish in anything besides sacrament. We got to hear a super good devotional by Elder Holland about how we should be missionaries all the time. We get a movie night too! We watched the John Tanner story and learned about how we need to fully dedicate ourselves to the Lord. Oh funny story. We have to prepare a talk in Spanish each sunday because they randomly pick people to give talks from our some. So this week it was supposed to be on the power of scriptures. So I get to sacrament on Sunday look at my talk and realized that half way I start talking about prayer instead of scriptures. NICE. Luckily I didn't get called on but guess what the talks are supposed to be on next week? PRAYER!!! WHAT?!?!?! hahaha totally something I would do. 

Sorry this is so short but I am not very good at time management haha
Anyways love you all and have an awesome week!!! 

Hermana Godown 

PS Here are pics of me and my district
my companion is the one with black hair if that makes sense hahah

Monday, October 6, 2014

About to leave!

Hi all,

I leave in about 24 hours for the Mexico MTC and am so excited! I leave at 10:45 pm so that shouldn't be too bad ;) Below is all of my info for the next 18 months in case you want to send me letters or anything else. I would love to hear from everyone and anyone.

Also does a free pouch service if you want to send a letter for free.

See you in 18!

My MTC address is:

Sister Chelsie Godown
Chile Concepción Mission
Mèxico Missionary Training Center
Carretera Tanayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

My address in Chile is:

Sister Chelsie Godown
Chile Concepción Mission
Castellon 1063 Oficina Norte
Casilla 2210