Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Subject: Day 15

I decided days are easier than weeks because I cant decide whether this is week 2 or 3 haha
Anyways! Most of the week I am just studying my brains out. Pretty graphic image right? haha Well my Spanish is coming back pretty well. I am to the point where the past couple lessons with our investigators I don't take any notes and do it all off the top of my head. God works some pretty great miracles to those who are faithful. Oh speaking of investigators we finished teaching Jorge last week! Wooo we got him to commit to baptism too! YAY! Oh but wait there is more.....Turns out Jorge is our new night teacher! YAY! haha His name is actually brother sines, but we still call him Jorge even though it isn't his name hahaha. So Monday we got a morning investigator and a night investigator. Our morning investigator is Aurora and our night investigator is.....Jorge! hahaha Brother Sines forgot to show us the video for our new investigator so we are teaching Jorge again hahahah 

Okay enough boring stuff! Want to here something cool? We had and apostle come to the CCM! Saturday Elder Anderson from the quroum of the 12 came and spoke to us. OH and he shook EVERY missionary's hand! What? Yeah there are 450 of us...450 hands....TONS of hand sanitizer haha but really it was an amazing time and something I will never forget! He talked about missionary work and the atonement. The first thing we should be telling people is about Christ. Missionaries exist to bring people to Christ and help them to know that he suffered for our sins. We need to make sure that we know that too and we are our first convert to this gospel. 

Hey so does anyone remember my story last week about my Sunday talk being the topic for the next week? Yeah guess who had to give a talk this last Sunday? ME! I should have seen it coming hahaha but it was pretty okay. I talked reallyyyyyyy slow haha....but at least everyone understood? HAH go me. 

Last night was pizza night and Devotional. Pizza is always good and not questionable meat...wait um actually pepperoni might be but lets just focused on the fact that pizza is delicious. Devotional was great! I got to sing come thou font in the CCM choir and the big honchos from the Provo MTC spoke to us. One of the guys was in charge of all of the teaching at all of the MTCs in the world. His talk was awesome. Also he showed us pictures of all of the MTCs all over the world. Two things. Ready? 
1. At least I am in Mexico and not in Ghana. Food. WAY questionable haha 
2. Go look up a picture of the England MTC and then if you still have the chance to serve a mission pray super hard that you get sent there!!!! GORGEOUS!! hahah

Oh and want to picture something super funny? Imagine 4 Hermanas (in skirts) and 4 elders (one with a practically broken foot) running to their houses from their classroom and back. Um Yeah you are dying right? hahaha so were we. It was for a stress management activity. Now we know running in skirts is stress relieving hahah oh man too funny Miss you all,

Hermana Godown

PS If anyone wants to send me letters use they get here the next day unlike dearelder which takes two weeks and snail (regular) mail which will get here when I am gone hahahah

​These are the Hermanas who welcomed us when we first got here and they left last week :(

​All of the Hermanas in our zone :)

​When we got locked out of our casa! It was 2 hours before we could get in to go to bed hahah

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