Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Technically Week 3

Hola mis amigos y familia,

Este semana estaba muy divertido. Mi español es mejor pero my pronunciacion es mas o menos.......

hahha enough of the spanish! Things are getting pretty repetitive here and let me just say that out district joke is that since today is friday we have tomorrow and then it is sunday which means it is a good day and then we have to get through Monday and then the next day is pizza day then it is p day so since today is wed it is basically p day. Can you tell that we live for p day?

Anyways this last week was good. I did a lot of spanish learning and teaching investigators (not real ones). My companion and I are doing really well in our lessons. This last week she was really homesick because this is her first time being away from home. She cried for the first time and did it right before we met with our investigator. I tried the best that I could but we all know I am not good with crying so a lady from the provo MTC helped us out. I know that we all have super difficult days in the mission where we just want to give up and go home, and this was her day. Hermana Evenson and I are really working on telling each other more since we dont like to talk about how we feel. haha

We also got to have a super good devotional (where someone gives a talk to us for an hour) by a member of the quorum of the 70, Elder Clarke. It was really good. He talked to us about missionary work, because that is what we are doing haha. He said that we need to make sure that when we leave our missions that we are changed for the better. We cant be the same person when we get back or there is no point in us being here. We need to realized that God is our Heavenly Father and we are his children. He also made sure to tell us the importance of the Book of Mormon and to make sure we know it is the most true book on the Earth. Love it. 

This last sunday part of our zone left, they were the district to welcome us into the zone. They were all so amazing and we only have 2 districts now :(. Hey guess what though? With them leaving and another district leaving this week our district is the oldest in our zone. Oh an guess what? because of that there were callings open. So guess who got called to be sister training leaders? Me and my companion! Yay! We welcome our new district tomorrow! I am so excited! 

Ummm let me see what else. My spanish is coming along pretty well! We got to leave the compound this morning and go into the city to see the temple. It is closed for construction right now so we got to go to the visitors center. It is sooooooo nice to see the city! It reminds me a lot of downtown LA but wayyy more colorful and dirty at the same time. Oh and new record I had a conversation with a native for 20 minutes! What up! haha we just had some natives move into our house though so that record should be broken pretty soon! 

OH MY GOSH I FORGOT THE BEST PART! I have a new boyfriend. JK he isnt my boyfriend but this little Guatemalan Elder Call Call is in love with meeeee hahah! His last day was on Sunday and he asked for my email (the equivalent of a phone number here) and wanted a picture! he already emailed me haha and it is in all spanish but he is seriously so cute you guys haha

So all is well here in Mexico. I am halfway through my stay here and I am so ready to get to Chile! I love you all and know this gospel is so true! I am so blessed to be here and to have such amazing people in my life! 

Have some Taco Bell for me because I am dying with real mexican food....except for the tamales. TOO  GOOD! 

Hermana Godown

today at the temple!

Elder Call Calls email

Elder Call Call is so adorable!!!

our teacher brought us sugar skulls for day of the dead oh and we got bread too! It was soooo good I ate it all and forgot to take a pic haha it tastes like Hawaiian rolls!

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