Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey all!

Not too much happened this week! We had more friends leave us, but my district only has 4 days left here at the CCM. I am so excited to say that I leave on Monday afternoon for Chile! YAY! SERIOUSLY SO STOKED!

They decided to start giving talks in spanish for us so that has been fun! I am so happy that is last week Hermana Elderedge and I did a solo (only) español day! We spoke only spanish for a full 24 hours. It is crazy how much spanish we realized that we knew after that day! 

Other than that we just have classes everyday. Life is pretty good at the CCM. 

Oh funny story okay so we get kinda bored during study time. We are studying, but we are a bunch of people who get distracted easily hah. So this week we realized that the tiles of our floor come up sometimes, so we started lifting up tiles anddddd....WE FOUND NARNIA!  hahaha okay so it was a time capsule that missionaries from a year and a half ago made. It was pretty hilarious. (picture attached). So we in our district decided to put stuff in it too and our emails. It will be interesting to see if anyone finds it! 

So two really cool experiences from this week: 

1. In the MTC you create an investigator profile of someone who converted to the church, and you play that person while someone else in the class teaches you (Sorry if that confuses you). So my investigator was use in a teaching lesson this week. It is so cool to be able to play an investigator because it gives you a feel of what it is going to be like when you teach someone. I felt the spirit so strong during that lesson. It is so funny how even in a fake role play scenario the spirit is super strong. 

2. On Sunday we learned all about prayers and then finished the day with a movie about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It is interesting to me how all matters of this church fit together so seamlessly. On Saturday night we had a lesson about desires. how we need to make sure that our desires align with those that God has for us. We should be talking with God to know what he desires for us in this life. Then the next thing I know we get a lesson on having specific prayers. In our prayers we can specially ask God to answer our questions in a certain way and he will let us know his will. I know that this church is true and that God answers our prayers no matter how trivial it may seem. 

So that pretty much sums up my week! 

Hasta luego Mexico y bienvenidos Chile! 

Hermana Godown


Solo español everyday all dayyyyy

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