Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey all,

So this week has been such a wild ride. I left the CCM a week ago today. Got to chile on Tuesday and arrived in Concepcion. We went to the mission office after that where I was told I would be in Caucquenes for at least the next 6 weeks! I was also given a trainer! Wohoooooooo!!! Her name is Hermana Fisher and she is a gringa from Idaho! Yay!!!! So we took our three hour bus ride and right from the get go were working. YAY!

So literally we dropped off my bags and went and tought people. INSANE! Can I just say I literally had no expectations of what a mission was going to be like and that is probably a good thing. I have yelled at peoples doors (they all have gates so we cant knock we yell ha-lo) ,talked to at least 70 people, and beared my teastimony a numerous amount of times, but it has been so amazing. I know the Lord blesses me every second of this time I am on my mission. 

Oh and soemthing else cool? I have fallen asleep in 2 lessons and in church. It is something I can not control. I am literally always tired....this dang time difference! It is so funny though. My companion and I just laugh when it happens because apperarantly everyone does it.

Okay coolest thing ever is that we had a baptism on saturday!!!! YAY! So this kids name is Diego and he is 9 years old. His mom was inactive when the missionaries found them and his dad is a heavy catholic. So he was adorable because he was so scared of the water! The brother that was baptizing him was saying the baptizm ordinance and Diegos hand was shaking so bad!!! Haha it is all good though he is so happy now and he is trying to convince his dad to take lessons. That would be AMAZING!!! Oh something really cool was before he got baptized we had a few primary kids bear their testimonies and it was the best thing ever. Ever want to feel the spirit super strong? Have children ebar teastimonies. Done. 

Okay and the food. Half good half weird. I had my first completo the other day...SO GOOD!!!!

Also If anyone wants to feel really good about themself come to Chile. I literally have like 50 people a day yelling gringa and saying they want my eyes and my hair.....basically I am a godess here so yeah ahahah jk about the godess thing but for reals I am a rare thing here and people are hilariosuly reacting to it. 

Have a good week everyone and the gospel is true. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Hermana Godown


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