Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey all!

I hope you are all so stoked for Chrsitmas next week! I know I am. This last week was so good! 

We started it by having to travel to Concepcion on wednesday for a doctors appointment  for hermana fisher. It was amazing because guess what? I got subway! Oh my gosh it was glorious to have normal food hahaha and yep we got chocolate chip cookies. Oh man I was soooooo happy hahaha anyways that trip took a whole day because of the bus schedule so that wasn´t good. I was so so happy to be in the city though. The area I am in is like farm country. So sad hahaha

Anywayssss the next day Hermana Fisher celebrated her 9 months in the mission! YAY!!!! I bought ice cream because we all know I have an addiction and think everyone else has this same obsession hahah. Also I talked her into burning a skirt haha elders burn a shirt we burn a skirt. WIN! I attached a picture haha pretty sad what excites me now......

Spiritual moment of the week haha:

This week gave me a lot of hope and a huge testimony of prayer. We found a new investigator this week and it has been really hard for us to do so. His name is Mauricio and has a 10 year old daughter, Estefania. They are the investigators we have been praying for. They atre super nice and have a huge tesimony and faith in Chrsit.

We had a noche de talentos for our ward on saturday and invited Maurico and Estefania to it. They whole day we had members cancelling on us saying they couldnt come. So the time comes for our activity and no one is there. Our investigator was the first one to show up. Hermana fisher and I were freaking out. I just remember praying in my head for 30 minutes straight that people would show up. God really blessed us because an hour later we had a good turn out and people to welcome our investigators. It turned into a really fun night of people sharing their talents. 

This week gave me a lot of hope and a lot of faith. I am so blessed by God in this life. That he listens to my prayers and that he answers them. 

I am so thankful to have you guys and I love you all,

Have and awesome week before Chrsitmas

Hermana Godown

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