Monday, December 29, 2014

Hey guys!

So another week has passed by and I am ofically 6 weeks into my time into the field. Time has passed by really fast!

Tuesday we had a huge conference in Chillan for everyone in the Chile concepcion mission. SHOOT there were so many people!! 250 missionaries in one auditorium hahah. dang. Anyways it was super fun! We had time for skits, a video slideshow thing of all of the picures from the year, a message from president and hermana arrington, and then from and area 70, then we got to eat lunch! Oh my gosh lunch they gave half of a chicken to each person and then still had 20 chickens leftover....can you say overplanned? hahaha anyways I loved the video so much they had a picture of each missionary with their families and then talked about families being together forever. So sweet! 

The next day was Chrsitmas eve which was a normal day except we got to have a dinner with a family in the ward. It was so coold to spend Chrsitmas eve with a family and we even got Chinese food! It was good! I really miss real Chinese food hahahah so fun though!

Christmas we did service and then I got to skype you guys so good day there :)

The day after I had a mini combio this with Hermana Alverez, one of our sister trainers. This was such a great experience. It was amazing to see all that I have learned in these 6 weeks. It was also interesing because she told me that I was the first new missionary that they had stay in their own sector and lead the combio. I was really nervous about this because I had no idea where we were going in our plans that day. I know God blessed me because by some miracle I was able to lead her around pretty well. I also got to lead the lessons. That was a really good experience and taught me that I actually know how to teach people and am a real missionary haha. 

After this combio a lot of people were telling me, especially the members, how much my spanish has improved since I first got here. This is something nice to hear because spanish is something I am always struggling with, so I was really blessed to have to opportunity to view how I have changed through this mini combio. 

Oh man and let me tell you, since last night I have realized how short people are here hahah. So I was walking out of a house last night and they have fenses in front of the houses..So turns out I am taller than I thought because I thought I had ducked down enough to pass through uh nope! I have a huge bump on my head to prove it and a tired come who had to wake my up during the night to make sure I could remember my name hahah. One time she asked and I said Chelsie yeah that was weird hahah. Anyways Chileans need to be taller hahah. 

Oh to make it better we have real combios today. Just imagine combios as the hunger games when they had the reapings, but we don´t get to volunteer as tribute. yep. hahah but not worries guys I am still in Cauquenes for another 6 weeks with hermana fisher! wahoooooo 

Until 2015, 

Hermana Godown

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