Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 2 in Chile

Hey all! 

So this second week was super good! We had a lot of ups and downs but I hear that the best missions do! 

So after I wrote you guys last week we had one of our investigators call us and say she didnt want our lessons anymore. Um yeah no. So we went to her store (She owns a little grocerystore here they are all over Chile) and talked to her. Turns out she juist felt life was to difficult and she had other reasons but let me juist tell you that the spirit works in amazing ways. We were able to talk with her and help her see that the Lord is always there for us no matter what happens and when we follow him things some how become easier. 

I know that the Lord helps me when I am having rough times and will always heal my soul. I am so blessed to be a missionary who can bring this message to others and help them to change their lives. 

Okay three quick funny stories:

1. We were tracting on a difficult day where all of our appointments fell through and we look over and there is a bunch of Evanjelicas walking aroung singing hymns and preaching through a meagaphone.....yeah they started following us around and were trying to convert us hahaha

2. Walking home from church yesterday a 50 year old guy walks up to me hands me a boquet of flowers and says these are for you and walks away hahaha dying. 

3. We were walking the other day and these teenage boys were standing on a corner and started throwing little crab apples at us to get our attention.....yep gringas get all of the attention here hahaha

happy late thanksgiving! We dont celebrate it here in Chile so I hope you all had some stuffing and pie for me. It was a good day though my comp and I walked around all day saying what we were thankful for.....yep it was a long list hahah. 

something cool the church is doing is a campaign called he is the gift. There are renting out a big scrren in times square for the whole month of december, they have a website, and are doing a promotion on youtube. I encourage you all to go on lds.organd click on the link for he is the gift. It is a video about the birth of Chrsit and accpting his life as the gift. It is Chrsitmas season and we all are excited for gifts, but have we accepted the greatest gift of all?

Love you all and hope you have a great week,

Hermana Godown

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