Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!!!

So this last week was a crazy one for me! 

This last tuesday Hermana Fisher and I were running home to not be late for curfew when we got a call from President Arrington, our mission president. The next day we had our zone conference with him and his wife so use being paranoid we thought we was at our casa and knew we were late hahaha so we booked it to the casa and answered the phone. Hermana Fisher is talking to him and all of a sudden her face gets reall serious and she puts the phone on speaker phone and I hear president say Hermana Godown and emergency transfer is happening and on thursday (it was tuesday) you will be transferring to Bulnes until the end of the combio. OHMYWHAT??!!?!?! He told us there was an hermana in Bulnes who was returing to the states for a health problem and they needed me with her companion and hermana fisher would be in a trio with the other hermanas in Bulnes. uhhhhhhhh what? SO that happened and we were so so shocked bey hey it´s what God wants right? 

The next day was my loast day in cauquenes, but we had to travel to Linares for our zone conference with president. The conference was SUPER GOOD! We got to watch meet the mormons!!!! Ahhhhh finally!!!!! It was soooooo good you guys!!!!! If only every mormon were that cool hahahaha we also got american food and learned how to involve the member in moisionary work more get involved guys! We need help hahah

The next day I said some goodbyes and then the assistants to the presiudents were thre and off we went to Bulnes. It was a bit difficult to leave my first sector and compainion but the lord as greater things in store for me! 

So Bulnes is 30 mins from Chillan, a huge city wahoooooo!!!!! We have rats in our roof of our house wahoooo!!!! and I had to give a talk my 3 day in Bulnes in sacrament meeting! Wahooooo hahaha this ward is awesome though. The members are really involved from what I can tell!! 

Our district went mini camping today so we had completos and smores! Wahooo oh and I fell in the river. SO what I am trying to say is life changes a lot in the mission but I am loving everyday! 

Have a good week guys and remeber that it is the small things thqat make the biggest difference in your life. Alma 37

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