Monday, January 5, 2015

Hola everyone!

So this last week was good! 

We had new years eve which was a crazy day. Especially because basically everyone was drunk so Hermana Fisher and I had to fight off a lot of crazys....why does she have to have blonde hair and blue eyes? Goshhhhhh....haha anyways super good day where we got to meet with a lot of members and have food, always good in my book. Her and I got to eat with the same family from Christmas so basically the food was awesome. :)
New years day we weren´t allowed to leave the house until late in the day, like 4 pm, gotta love those drunk people making it nopt safe for us gringas ;) haha
Overall we have had a lot more help from the members this last week which has been amazing. We were able to help more of our less actives to come to church this last week because of this. Speaking of church we had an amazing testimony meeting. It is amazing for all of the members to get up and bear such a strong terstimony of the gospel and how missionaries have changed their lives. I am so blessed to be serving a mission where I can be helping people to grow closer to God and have a testimony of this gospel that changes their lives. 
I hope you all can remember the time in your life when you were fully converted to this gospel, and can really help others to feel that too. It is an amazing experience to help people to know the true happiness that comes from this gospel. I can tell ytou all that my life would not be the same with out my testimony. 
Thank you all for all that you do, and the lives that you change through your example. For 2015 we have been helping our members to make resolutions that are centered around coming to Chrsit. I invite youall to do the same and see how your life changes. 

Love you, 
Hermana Godown

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