Monday, January 26, 2015

Lemme tell you a little story....week 10 in Chile.

Hola everyone!

Life here in Bulnes is good! Hot, but good! This last week was tons of fun! I got to go to the zone conference in Chillan and watch Meet the Mormons again! Wahooo makes me want to go to a football game so bad!!!! Enjoy it guys! 

Also I had a lot of aqdventures this week! Like one day at lunch I found a super long black hair in my spaghetti....and had to eat all of it after finding that. Um learning not to vomit is a skill right? hahaha Also we had a morning where the mission assigned it as a day of cleaning so guess what my job was? Anyone know? Let me tell you that I used my skill of not vomiting. My job was to clean up all of the rat poop in our house. Yep not vomiting is definately a skill guys. 

I am also learning that I am really oblivious to people hitting on me.....well at least in spanish hahaha. Hermana antillon and I were getting french fries one day and the dj in the plaza was calling out my name over the microphone....well he was saying rubia mire aqui.....yep didnt realize that. Hermana Antillion got a good laugh out of that one. Also we got free fries from that experience so she should be happy.....hahah

Last thing is our investigator Francisco. He is about 30 and he is super awesome! He is so strong in his desire to get baptism...the only thing holding him back is that he smokes :((((( We have been working with him for about 3 or 4 weeks here to help him. It is so amazing to see people changing their lives to follow Christ and his example. Franciso is such and example to me of having hope and to remember that I can do hard things. We all can. 

Love you all and have an awesome 

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