Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey everyone!!!!!

So this last week had a lot of twists and turns. 

The first was getting the stomach flu on thursday. It was so much funnnnnn not hahah my comp and I both got it...I got it worse...of course hahaha so we didnt get to leave the house that day wahooooo. 

The next day! We had a conference with one of the area 70 from Argentina. That was so fun to hear his accent. It was also a conference where a bunch of different zones got together so I got to see my old comps Hermana Fisher and Hermana Evenson! Wahooo Also we got KFC. Life was pretty good guys haha. It was really a good message he gave about how we can use the faith we have in this life to to be better missionaries. Somethibng for you guys though would be that if we really are obedient and doing the things that Lord asks us to do we are going to have the angels around us to life us up. Cool right?

The next day we had a ton of miracles. For example, My companion before hermana Lino, Hermana Antillon and I were trying to find this menos activo family for a month, and then hermana Lino decided to talk with this lady one night and it turns out to be this menos activo that we were looking for. It is amazing the miracles that can happen when we trust the timing of the lord and keep doing his will. 

Love you all tons and hope you have an amazing week!!!!

Hermana Godown

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week of Adventures

Hey all 

This last week was pretty crazy. We had transfers as you all stuff. I got a new companion! Hermana Lino from lima, Peru! So I also only have three weeks in Bulnes and I had to lead the area, which basically means that I make all of the plans for the days and have to lead us to those plans in the city. Yeah three weeks in one area and I am leading it. Wahooooo hahaha
It has definatly been an adventure....
So hermana Lino`'s first day in Bulnes was super fun! She showed up and my old comp had planned for us to go to an area that I had never been to before hahah we had fun in the campo and then even ran into some sheep and a ram haha......this country life tho.......
We have had fun so far this week like Hermana Lino tried to contact a school hahaha which means that she knocked the door of a school and tried to teach them the gospel hahahahha oh my gosh funniest thing almost ever hahahaha 
We also had a lot of Family home evenings this week! For reals they are my new favorite thing haha which is so funny becauase I did not like them back home at all. The members are so funny and have the funniest games! 
So also something awesome I am learning in my mission is to accept the Lords will. As we do this in our life and accept that he knows what is best for us and our lives. This is something really hard to do, but when we know that it is only going to make us stronger and better people it is a little bit easier. 
I love you all and am so thankful for all of you!

Hermana Godown

Monday, February 9, 2015


Hey all!

So one of these days I will feel cool enough to write you a paragraph in spanish but for today I am sticking to spanish hahah. This last week was full of BACAS....or in other words....COWS hahaha #campolife 

We went and visited an hermana whose sister died this last week. She was feeling pretty alone so we travelled 20 minutes to go and visit her in the campo (country). So we shared the forget me not talk with her, and then she gave us watermelon and talked for a bit. We were getting ready to leave and we did the normal missionary there anything we can do for you....SHE ACTUALLY SAID YES.....then she told us to come outside and she said some stuff in spanish and since I am not pro at spanish yet I didnt understand. I look at my comp and she told me we were going to go herd cows. WHAT haha oh my gosh guys funniest thing ever was my face...I am sure you can all imagine it....the look of disbelief mixed with I am not sure I am ready for this haha. SO they hand us eacha  stick and tell us to stand there and make sure they go in the carral. uhhhhh yep. This was definatley something I wont forget haha. Also the fact that one of the cows pooped a ton of green poop like a foot away from me. Yep cant forget that. hahahah

Then a couple days later I turned 4 months in the mission. Wahooo!!!! This day was yesterday actually. So in church yesterday the hermana that we visited also had to give a talk yesterday and it turns out that she loved the talk that we gave her so much that she decided to read it for her talk hahaha it is the small things like this in life that really help me to know that I am helping people. That just bringing this hermana a talk to read helped her to not feel alone. SO COOL! 

So also today is the day that we have combios (transfers)! Yay!!!! So I am staying in Bulnes for another 6 weeks! Wahooo but my comp hermana Antillon is leaving :( So tomorrow I get my new comp, Hermana Lino and she is coming from  Chiguayante...I really think all of the names of these cities sound like something from Star Wars hahaha anyways 

Have an awesome week and miss you all,

Hermana Godown

Monday, February 2, 2015

Come what may and love it!

Hey everyyone! 

So this last week was a little crazy, but I dont think I have had a week in the mission that something random hasn´t happened hahah BIENVENIDOS A CHILE haha

So To start the week off we had a legit noche de hogar with a family that lives 20 mins out of Bulnes in the campo. SO cool. This hermana has her own garden with onions and tomatoes and watermelon. She let me pull an onion because I had never done it before haha seriously so crazy to see when food actually comes from. This family was the sweetest and is only inactive because they live so far away and dont have a way to get to the church each week. LAME.

so then the next morning we woke up and were getting ready to leave the casa to go running when we looked out, saw a dog walk up, started foaming at the mouth and having seizures. Uh appearantly someone has been going around and feeding the dogs poision because that was the 4th dog to die like that this week. Oh my goodness it was the grossest and saddest thing I had ever seen in my life. So we saw a dog die from poision and then that night we had to spend the night in Chillan because our house got fumigated for the mice that were in it. The things I never thought would happen on my mission hahaha

Our work is going well in Bulnes. We are still working with Francisco to quit smoking. He is so awesome though coming to all of the church activities, and has so many friends already! 

I loved our class for all of the hermanas in the area this last week. It was based off the talk of Come What May and Love it. Such a good talk for this week. We learned to laugh off the bad things that happen and look for the good. It works guys. Try it. I know it is working. :)

Love you all! Have an amazing week!!!!

Hermana Godown

Pick up line of the week: Excuse me for looking at your gorgeous blue eyes. You are so cute....welcome to the life of a gringa guys hahahah