Monday, February 9, 2015


Hey all!

So one of these days I will feel cool enough to write you a paragraph in spanish but for today I am sticking to spanish hahah. This last week was full of BACAS....or in other words....COWS hahaha #campolife 

We went and visited an hermana whose sister died this last week. She was feeling pretty alone so we travelled 20 minutes to go and visit her in the campo (country). So we shared the forget me not talk with her, and then she gave us watermelon and talked for a bit. We were getting ready to leave and we did the normal missionary there anything we can do for you....SHE ACTUALLY SAID YES.....then she told us to come outside and she said some stuff in spanish and since I am not pro at spanish yet I didnt understand. I look at my comp and she told me we were going to go herd cows. WHAT haha oh my gosh guys funniest thing ever was my face...I am sure you can all imagine it....the look of disbelief mixed with I am not sure I am ready for this haha. SO they hand us eacha  stick and tell us to stand there and make sure they go in the carral. uhhhhh yep. This was definatley something I wont forget haha. Also the fact that one of the cows pooped a ton of green poop like a foot away from me. Yep cant forget that. hahahah

Then a couple days later I turned 4 months in the mission. Wahooo!!!! This day was yesterday actually. So in church yesterday the hermana that we visited also had to give a talk yesterday and it turns out that she loved the talk that we gave her so much that she decided to read it for her talk hahaha it is the small things like this in life that really help me to know that I am helping people. That just bringing this hermana a talk to read helped her to not feel alone. SO COOL! 

So also today is the day that we have combios (transfers)! Yay!!!! So I am staying in Bulnes for another 6 weeks! Wahooo but my comp hermana Antillon is leaving :( So tomorrow I get my new comp, Hermana Lino and she is coming from  Chiguayante...I really think all of the names of these cities sound like something from Star Wars hahaha anyways 

Have an awesome week and miss you all,

Hermana Godown

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