Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey everyone!!!!!

So this last week had a lot of twists and turns. 

The first was getting the stomach flu on thursday. It was so much funnnnnn not hahah my comp and I both got it...I got it worse...of course hahaha so we didnt get to leave the house that day wahooooo. 

The next day! We had a conference with one of the area 70 from Argentina. That was so fun to hear his accent. It was also a conference where a bunch of different zones got together so I got to see my old comps Hermana Fisher and Hermana Evenson! Wahooo Also we got KFC. Life was pretty good guys haha. It was really a good message he gave about how we can use the faith we have in this life to to be better missionaries. Somethibng for you guys though would be that if we really are obedient and doing the things that Lord asks us to do we are going to have the angels around us to life us up. Cool right?

The next day we had a ton of miracles. For example, My companion before hermana Lino, Hermana Antillon and I were trying to find this menos activo family for a month, and then hermana Lino decided to talk with this lady one night and it turns out to be this menos activo that we were looking for. It is amazing the miracles that can happen when we trust the timing of the lord and keep doing his will. 

Love you all tons and hope you have an amazing week!!!!

Hermana Godown

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