Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hey everyone! 

So this last week was so so so so so  awesome! We had  our first baptism here in bulnes! Well bulnes has had other baptisms haha but this is my  first here! So this last saturday was the  baptism of our investigator  Jenny. 
Jenny is super aweome. She was  an investigater from my other companion hna  Antillon for aboput 6 months. A couple weeks ago we werre talking with Jenny and she told us she is ready for baptism. I about died!!! I am so happy for the changes she has made in her life and the opportunity that I had to help her in her journey. She has three daughters and this decision has changed their lives too. It is amazing her testimony of reading the scriptures and praying. She said that the two  combined is something life changing. Before she was living with a man who wanted to   kill her. She found the missionaries and her life completely changed. She now has a house for her and her 3 g irls and a  job to support them. The Lo rd blesses those willing to do his will. Amazing!!! 

We then found a new f amily this last week. They have had previous experiences with the gospel and are so willing to change their lives to do the  will of the lord. GOLD. So exicted to have more experinces with them!  

Today the 6 of us missionaries in bulnes traveled to a lagoon next to a population of Germans that immagrated here during WW2. CRAZY  to see blue eyed chileans hahaha. The lagoon was gorgeous. Funny story is though that we had no idea where is was. We literally took a  bus and got off at the part where we thought is was and hour and a half of waling later I asked a lady in her front yard where the lagoon was. She said it was 10  km away.....uhhhhh....then she was like hey I am a member of the church I will   drive you. hahahah the spirit working in  miraculous ways haha

Love you all and have an  awesome week!!!

Hermana godown

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