Monday, March 30, 2015

week something or other...

Hey everyone!

So this last week was offically the beginning of fall.....whereas spring is in the air in the states....still so weird to think of the difference haha

We had our first rainfall of the year and it was awesome! We had tons of thunder and lightening and it was all anyone would talk about here for the whole week hahaha gotta love Chileans and their love for natural disasters hahah We were tracting this day and we had this tiny dog that would not leave our side and kept putting his dirty paws all over my dress so I became a dog tamer with my umbrella that day hahah win! 

We have also found that here in Bulnes the members all like to give us fruit, which is delicious and awesome, and heavy to carry home. after a family home evening this week we had made brownies and the members gave us a melon to take home....people were laughing so hard to see me walking like this....dont worry guys I attached a picture for your amusement. 

We also had a really good family home evening with some recent converts in the rama where we taught the talk you are my hands, by Elder Uchtdorf. It was an awesome lesson on how we can all serve our brothers aand sisters everyday and we need to make the choice to do so. We are the hands of Chrsit on this Earth. I hope everyone can reflect on the life of Christ this Easter sunday and what his purpose was on this Earth, to help others. In "the service of our fellow man we are only in the service of our God". I hope we can all look for ways to be the hands of Christ this week and reflect on all that he did for us. 

I love you all and HAPPY EASTER!!! 

Hermana Godown

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