Monday, March 2, 2015

week....I don´t know how to count anymore...

Hola mi familia y amigos!!!!

So this last week was good!!! Like always...hahaha I dont think I have had one week where I have been like man this last week was horrible! Miracles of a mission hahaha just kidding

Sooooo this last week started off with interviews with president arrington. That is always fun haha it is like the birthday interviews with the bishop but he isnt asking me if I have a boyfriend or not haha wahoooo. Something he stressed with us was finding the joy in obedience and to look for more ways to be obedient. This is something I love. Rarely we thing of the blessings we recieve from being obedient, at least for me I am always thinking of how hard it is. When we look for the joy in obeying the commandments, is when we truely have the blessings of obedience in our lives. 

This last friday we had a mini combio where I got to leave bulnes for a day and work in Chillan with an hermana leader for our area. This was super awesome and I learned so much about what I can fix in the way that I work. Something hilarious was I recieved my second flower from a random stranger haha this random guy walked across the street and gave me a rose. Yep second time this has happened to me on my mission. #gringalife haha

The next day I was in Bulnes again and we had a service activity where we helped a less active member to paint her house. Normally no big deal but appearantly they use oil based paint here and if you get it on your clothes it wont come out haha. So this member gave us jumpsuits to wear hahahah I looked like a prisioner.....oh the experiences I have here in Bulnes haha. Also the fact that out church here is accross the street from a prision makes it funnier for me hahah

Anyways that was my week! I hope you all can have an awesome week and talk to you all in another week! 

Con mucho amor, 

Hermana Godown

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