Tuesday, April 28, 2015

205 days in the mish

Hey everyone!!!

So this week was full of tons of fun stuff....especially eating new things. We had a memeber who decided that since we have never tried castañllos that we needed to try them so friday we got a call from thi9s member telling us to come over because we had to try them. So it is weird because we see these things in the street all of the time and they are in this fuzzy shell thing but yopu take them out o0f the shell thing and have this nut thing. Superrrrrr interesting. I have no idea what they are called in the states but adventures right? hahha

The next adventure is the next morning we had a morning of cleaning in the mission where in the casa de Bulnes we were moving all of our beds and stuff upstairs because we dont have bats anymore! Wahoooooo haha so Hermana Poulson and I were putting together our closet upstairs when we realized how broke we are and how awesome duct tape is. It seriously fixes EVERYTHING. haha magic. 

We also had opur weekly family home evening with the Rama and one of the other hermanas in Bulnes finishes her mission this next week (hint: cambios qucikly approaching uh oh). So we were in the game part of the evening where they decided to play a prank on this hermana. I am always down for a good prank haha. So we played simon says and basically all of the commands were to have your hand on someone elses face. `hah basically this hermana had face paint all over her face by the end hahaha so funny. 

The best part of this week though was meeting with our investigator Pablo. Seriously he is golden. He is so ready for his baptism this next week. He also strongly loves coming to church. Like he beat all of the members to the chapel yesterday hahaha. He learns so much and is so ready to follow the commandments. Like last week we learned about tithing and the next day he showed up to our lesson with a tithing slip and asked us if he could pay right now. Like for reals he is super prepàred to hear this gospel. His baptism is this next week and he couldnt be more excited. We can all learn from Pablo to have joy in obedience. I have definatly learned that from him. 

Thank you for all of your love and support. 
Have an awesome week!

Hermana Godown

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