Monday, April 20, 2015

Semana de conferencìas

Hey everyone!!!!!

Sooooo this last week we had two conferences and it started raining!!!! Wahoooooo well actually more than that happened this last week but here is the highlight reel. Ready? 

Alright so this last week started with a zone conference where our mission president came out and taught us some legit stuff so be better missionaries. That same day we had a lesson with Pablo, our investigator. Can I just say he is an investigator of gold?!?!?! He is asking us to meet with him and is so excited for his baptism! Ahhh the blessings of the Lord. 

Then saturday we had a confernce with all of the mission where we got to watch a transmission from Santiago where Elder Oaks from the 12 apostles was there talking to us. Somethng cool he did since he couldnt shake our hands was he had all of us stand up from the counbtries that we were from. Let´s just say that the US definatly won that contest hahahah. Something really awesome was that he told us of the importance of the sacrament and keeping the sabbath day holy. He say that in the next confernces we are going to hear a lot about these things because there is a need for the world to hear it. Also how we need to be fully converted to Chrsit and not the Church. Something powerful we all need to remember. Also I challenge you all to read the talk from Eldfer Nelson from this last conference. Super powerful and life changing talk. 

To end, as a zone we visited the termas today. This legit mountain resort where we climbed to the top of the mountain and can I just say Chile is gorgeous?!?! Love it. There are also hot springs in the I didnt go in dont worry, but there is a Chilean legend that the waters are healing hahahah DANG IT! I could have been healed.....I dont know from what but hey asi es la vida. 

Have a great week!

Hermana Godown

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