Monday, April 6, 2015

The conference weekend

Hey everyone, 

Soooo I hope you all had the wonderful opportunity to watch conference this last weekend. Seriously I feel like conference is the olymics of the mormon world....everyone has their favorite events (speakers) and we are all left waiting for the next time we get to have it. I have to say this is not the best analogy I have ever come up with butttttttttt it works hahahah

So let´s rewind a little bit to the beginnning of the week when I was introduced to the video Gracias a que èl english i think it is thankful that he lives or something like that? hahahha but anyways if you havent viewed this video yet please do it is 2 or 3 minutes and it an awesome way to remember why we have the Easter was yesterday but it is still important to remembver Christ. 

Thennnnnnn fast forward two or three days and we have friday when it is the beginning of the celebration of the Pascua. Okay so here in Chile they had friday with no school or work so basically everyone was drinking. Yep that makes it a really fun day for a Gringa like me. We had a guy following us calling us a "par de brujas mormonas" which means a pair of mormon whitches hahahaha also in the night we passed by this group of drunk guys who say a mi no me gusta olas rubias and the other says a mi me gusta! That means one doesnt like me and one does hahahaha uhhh watch out! 

The next day was conference, which yes I did get to watch it in english, on a little laptop in a room with Hermana Poulson seperate from everyone hahaa #gringalife. So basically all of the talks were amazing but I want to share a little from Elder Holldnd´s. I loved the story of the brother saving the other brother from his hands slipping and dying. The savior is our brother who sacrificed everything for us. He is always grabbing onto our hands to save us. Weather this live saving is spiritually or physically our brother is always there for us. When we reflect on his atonement please remeber that is something life changing that we always have the opportunity to use. 

Love you all and have an awesome week!

Hermana Godown

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