Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Normal things that happen in the campo

Hey everyone! 

So Coelemu is probably the most campo area that I have been in. I think that campo translates to country or like field hahaha but just know it is really rural.

So the coldness decided to show up this last week. Our first day of real rain I was using the space heater in the morning and my comp decided to use the microwave. The power went out. So something to know is that it is normal here for the power to go out when it starts raining. So we thought that this is what happened. So it gets to like 4 o clock and the power is still out.....uhhhh haha so I had the genius idea to talk to our neighbor. Yeah so we actually blew a fuse. hahahahah He showed us how to fix it no problem but it was like 10 degrees celcius all day with no heater? Yeah I had like 3 pairs of socks on no worries hahahhaha

Lets see oh also we work in a lot of secots outside of coelemu and this week we were in a place called Treweuco working with some members out there. It is amazing the difference in testimonies. There are people with reall strong testimonies who will come every sunday rain or shine and then there are some who will go inactive because they have to say too many prayers in church and their teeth hurt from it. Yes that was an excuse we got this last week. hahahah Please everyone dont be lazy. Read the scriptures. Say your prayers, even if your teeth hurt. Know why you do these things and be faithful. 

Oh also we had a zone activity today hahha. Can I just say that they are like an efy dance but a million times more awkward because we cant dance? You get efy music playing and we are eating and there are some guys and girls talking but they are all really segregated hahahah so funny......I wish I could explain the awkwardness but it isnt possible.

I love you all and hope you have the best of weeks! 

Hermana Godown

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