Thursday, May 21, 2015

week 2 in Coelemu

Hey everyone!!!!
So this last week was a little slow. Not a ton of cool stories, sorry.
We had a fun lesson with a less active family where my compaion lost her name tag and the son found it haha so basically I have a new companion....he isnt very good at teaching lessons but we are teaching him and his family the importance of reading the scriptures..hahha The best part is that he showed up to chirch this last sunday with his family.
This is a really important part of missionary work, to reactivate the lesss actives or inactives. In the parable of the Lost sheep we see the importance of the one person. I encourage you all to reach out the the members 0of your ward and help those who are struggeling to their testimonies. We know how imprtant the Book of Mormon is. Read it everyday to strengthen your testimony and help you to help others.
Miss you all
Hermana Godown

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