Monday, June 1, 2015


Hey everyone! 

So this last week My comp and I were out of our 3 or 4 out of 7 days.....hahahha so productive! SO what happened is because we live so far out of the way of everything we stayed in Tome for a couple days because we had trainings in the mornings. Something awesome though is that this town that we were in is right on the beach so waking up and going to bed with the view of the ocean was definatly a perk haha

This last monday we had a family home evening with a family where we drew pictures of the boat nephi built and talked about obedience....they like drawing more than anything haha but it is funny how the children were such perfectionists! hahaha

We then had mini cambios with our hermana liders and it just happens that one of them is Hermana Fisher! My first comp from the mission. It was so crazy to be together again and see how much we have grown. I know so much now that I didnt know spanish hahahah but also that through obedience and dilligence all things are possible. I know these two things bless the lives of anyone who possesses them. 

Thank you all for your encouragement and love! 

Have an awesome week!

Hermana Godown

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