Tuesday, July 14, 2015

9 months and lots of Catholics

Hey everyone! 

So yeah I completed 9 months in the mission this week. I am ofically on the downslope....that´s a word right? Anyways I have offically made it half way through my mission. It hasd bveen a crazy 9 months, but it has been such a life changing experience so far! 

This week started off with a mini cambio with our hermana leaders. It was good! I learned a lot of my strengths and weaknesses. It is always interesting to see how others can see our strengths so easily buy so hard for us to see them. I think something that would all really help us is if we could see our strengths more than weaknesses, but then we might get a little prideful so better that we dont do that. hahaha

Something crazy that happened this week was that every new person that we found to teach was a super devoted Catholic. Good ol Hermana Monroy has a super good knowledge of the bible, so that came in good use ahaha. Catholics are so interesting because their views of God are so different. For example, we taught a girl named Chrsiting this week and she felt very strong that her baptism as a baby was something sufficient for her. We tried to talk with her and help her to see the difference in a baptism like Christ and her baptism, but it was something really difficult for her to understand. We are also teaching a woman named Chrsitina, she is awesome, Catholic, and with tons of questions. She hasnt been praying or reading the scriptures. She was very honest and told us it was due to a lack of habit. It is so interesting because I think that this is something even memebers of the church struggle with, lack of habit. I know as we make a habit of reading the scriptures and praying daily, we will see changes in our relationship with God and have happier lives. Who doesnt want that right? ahah 

Love you all and hope you have an awesome week! 

Hermana Godown

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