Thursday, July 2, 2015

sopapillas, sickness, and suprises

Hola mi familia y amigos! 

So week 7 in Coelemu completed! It was a fun one! 

We started off with travelling to Tome to spend the night because we had zone confererence the next day. When we got to Tome we went to a ward activity there where we watched the Copa America and ate sopapillas....mmmmmm....hahahah also not worries guys our mission president permitted us that if Chile is playing we can watch the game.....lets just say Chile is winning a lot and I am so excited!!! }

So the next day we ahd our zone conference in Penco. It was a super good conference where president talked about following the spirit. It is something we dont think about. We know we have the spirit with us because it was promised to us after baptism, but how often do we seek and invite the spirit into our lives? Through living a life more like Christ, and being obedient to his commandments wer are promised to be guided by his spirit. I know that if we constanty strive to do the things that are right we will have the spirit to guide us and it will change our lives immensly. 

That night we got back to Coelemu and went to work and I felt kinda sick, and I thought it was from all of the bus rides.......false........turns out there is stomach flu going around......round two! Gotta love the gringa life where food makes me sick....that night that I threw up in the street we found a woman named Gurminda who half way through tweaching her about baptism told us that she had to go cook once for her grandson......That´s a first........hahaha Oh man that was such a funny day. 

Anyways I hope the stomach flu isnt going around up there and you guys can all have an awesome week!

Love you all! 

Hermana Godown

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