Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week of MIRACLES!!!

Hey everyone! 

SO I know I say we see miracles a lot, but really our God is a God of miralces, and it is something I am so thankful for. 

This first miracle is something I am still in shock. In all of my time here in Coelemu we have been working with an inactive Marcella, who stopped coming to church because one of the members basically stole her husband. This member is still active, and Marcella wasnt able to forgive this member. Well we have been working and working and working on forgiveness and her testimony (because this all happened like 30 years ago) and she came to church yesterday! She even had the guts to go up to this member, greet her, and be friends with her. Forgiveness is definatly a gift from God. This was a huge step for Marcella, and now we just have to work with her boyfriend to become her husband and then get baptized and then they can go to the temple.......okay yeah I am going to start small ahahhaha

Miracle 2 is that this week we had a ton of events happening, so we werent in Coelemu for 4 days......4 days of not working in our sector......and we found 9 new people to teach and in that there are two families. MIRACLE. It is amazing the blessings we are seeing here in Coelemu. 

Also our invesitgator Jonathan is progressing to his baptism. He had his date for this saturday, but we had to change it to the next saturdaybecause of his ex girlfriend if you get what I am saying.....

Anyways lots of good things happening here! 

Have an awesome week! 

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