Sunday, September 27, 2015

18 de Septiembre.......I think I am loosing my love for the 4th of July.....

Hey everyone! 

So this last week was full the food that is not good for you at all! Everyday was empanadas,meat ,potatoes ,and bread with marshmallow frosting hahah It was insane how much food we were given and just so you know the first rule as a missionary is that you cant reject food.......I am so sick of food hahhah

Other than a TON of food 18 was super awesome. 18 is the independance day for Chile and they celebrate a lot like the states but a little better hahaha. They have a national dance, the quaka, and everyone dances. They eat a ton of food and listen to music and have a lot of dance contests hahah. It was so much fun! We only got to be at our ward´s activity for about 2 hours, but we went and gave service to a family in the ward and helped them make empanadas for about 2 hours. It is intense their process haha but just know that I am now a seasoned empanada I´ve got that going for me hahaha. 

Yes we had an earthquake in Chile this last week that lasted about 4 minutes. but wasnt too strong. It was basically like going on Tower of Terror hahah and the best part is that we were in the church building when it happened so no worries there. I think I love that Chileans are so similar to Californians because we all just sat there and kept going with our meeting but my comp from Utah was freaking out a bit hahaha 

Well with all of the fun stuff we had a hard time finding a people to teach, but God is awesome and still let us see miracles! Like we were tracting in the morning and no one was letting us in....we were getting a bit discouraged, but God was awesome and had some random guy walk up to us on the street and ask if we could come visit him this next week. MIRACLE! Who does that? Well we have an appt with him this thursday so we will keep you guys posted, but God is awesome. He has timing for everything and when we do our part I KNOW he completes his. He gives us so many miracles each day we just have to look for them. I KNOW that God lives, that he loves me, and that he has a plan for me. I challenge you al to look for his miracles this week. 

Love you all! 

Hermana Godown

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