Thursday, September 3, 2015

I love my job :)

Hey everyone! 

SO this last week was a good one. I am seeing a lot of small miracles everyday, and loving what I do. Especially because my boss is so forgiving when I mess up hahaha. 

We had stake conference this last week and well I really think that I am just appreciating things more now as a missionary haha. Like for realy I loved hearing about ways to improve myself, but also the people we teach. We had the opportunity to attend saturday with one of our investigators, Jonathan. He will be getting baptized this next week, and the best part was we had the area 70 talk about temples. How everything we do in this church has the end goal of us going to the temple and making covenants with out heavenly father. It is such a blessing we have this gospel and the opportunity to have our families forever. Sunday we had the most awesome session where they talked about keeping the sabbath day holy, and how our savior always is here to help us. I loved that one of the speakers said that our purpose in this life should be to align our purpose with God´s and have the same goals as him. 

So we are teaching a family where they really are looking for the true religion. They have attended other churches before but never felt that they were right, well this last week they went and bought a bible to learn more......just as we were about to teach them about the book of mormon. hahah the dad, Nelson, told us when we first started, look I went and bought a bible! Right after buying it I wanted to be like one of those of those evanjelist pastors who gets in his car and reads his bible over a loud speaker in my car hahaha that made us laugh so hard....we didnt know that a bible could do that to some one.....just imagine what he will want to do with the book of mormon hhaha

Also I learned that I really dont have patience with children at I know I dotn have patience with kids but I think it just gets worse as we are trying to teach a lesson. We had three lessons this last week with children annoying their parents as we were trying to teach and normally my companion and I try to tag team it where I teach part and she takes car of the kid and then we switch off, but it did not work AT ALL this last should be inviting the spirit not taking it away right? Patience is for sure a god like virtue hahahah

Anyways have an awesome week! 

Love you all, 

Hemana Godown

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