Monday, September 28, 2015

pensamientos de la semana

Hola mi querida familia y amoigos.....
well this last week was a good one! I dont think I can really say that I have ever had a bad week hahahah. We worked a lot this last week on getting to know our members a little bit more. I really can testify that this work doenst progress without the help of the members. We have seen a lot of help and progress with our members here! Especially with our heart attacks hahah I have done it in almost every sector, but I promise it works! hahaha
Well this last week was a good one with our investigators. Natalia, my chilean twin, came to church again and is having a hard time finding an answer that this is the true church. She is coming to all of the activities, now we are just trying to get her and answer! Rodrigo, 15 year old, is well.....he had a baptism interview this week and our district leader found out that rodrigo likes to street fight......two more weeks of waiting for that baptism......I didnt think that was breaking a commandment, but hey learnign new things everyday right? hahahah we also are working with inez, 70 year old lady, who is awesome.....she just has random visitors show up and she cant come to church.....she loves the book of mormon though! first investigator that that has happened hahahah LOVE IT! We gave it to  her friday and she is already in 2 nephi!
I guess a common thing is for people to not understand the way that the spirit works. I think even as members sometimes we expect a vision or dream or some sign that we are getting and answer to our prayers, but we have to remember that the Lord doesnt work like that. "by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass". I hope that this conference weekend we can all find the spirit in the small and some things and look for more ways to invite it into our lives.
Have an awesome week, 

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