Monday, May 2, 2016

bird poop, lemon picking, and mini cambios

Hey everyone! 

This last week was pretty crazy! There was a lot of going on. This last week we had 2 mini cambios. One was with missionaries who have 4 weeks here in chile, and the other one was with some hermanas from our group. Being with hermanas who just got to chile just reminds me of how far I have come in my time in Chile. Mostly because they couldnt speak spanish and I now can soooooo come a long way hahahah. The other mini cambio just helped me a lot to see things we could be doing in our secotr to help our people. I love mini Cambios. Especialy with the newbies because I got to be in a trio.....I miss my trio hahah

We actually had a difficult week. We didnt find any new investigators......or if they did they were crazies who werent going to progress haha. So is was a lot of self analyzing to see what we could be doing better that we werent. I got down on myself a lot, but the Lord gave me a chance to repent of the things I needed to change so that we could progress in the work. Saturday was the accumulation of everything. I started to just feel terrible and discouraged. We couldnt get members out with us, our invetigators went on vacation, we werent getting our numbers. It was hard. To top it off a bird even pooped on me while we were contacting. It was hard to accept Gods plan in that moment. I told hermana Love I needed a second, and we offereed a prayer. Well God works in mysterious ways because right after a member walked by and I went and washed off the bird poop in her house. God works in mysterious ways haha. In that moment I remembered that Christ was with me in the work and I couldnt get discouraged, and feelings of inadequacy only come from Satan. It was a good growing moment for me. 

The next day in Church God worked miracles again. Our ghost investigator luis showed up by himself for the 4th week in a row. DANG. Then a couple that we are working with, Rosario and Raul, came to church. The testimony meeting was amazing for them. Raul was tearing up because he felt the spirit so strong. They are really a tender mercy from the Lord. 

This week Taught me that we have to put our confidence in God. He has a plan. He loves us. He can change us. That is the faith, confidence in GOd in his plan. I invite you all to work on your faith, continue cultivating it. 

Love you all 

Hermana Godown

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