Monday, May 2, 2016

cambios, bednar, and hard work

Hey everyone, 

Welcome to another hot week here in Chile. Life is good. I am workin hard wirth my companion, and enjoying life as a missionary. My companion, Hermana Burnham, is awesome. She is so excited to work and has a TON of energy. 

This last week was fun. We had some more bathroom issues so we got to carry a plunger around all day. FUN! Also It is funny because I never have gotten rejected as much in my other sectors as I have here im Collao.....welcome to the city I guess hahaha. We got so excited where we entered two houses this last week and then they realize we are from the mormon church and they ask us to leave.......alright cool.......

Even though we had a ton of rejection we had a ton of motivation. We had a special opportunity to have a conference from elder Bednar for all of south America. In this conference I learned a ton on how to focus on the spirit. Also that sister missionaries are too hard on themselves hahaha. I really see that this is the lords work that we are doing. I have to constantly have the spirit or I wont be able to do anything. I know that is so true. With that motivation my companion and I put the advice to practice. We went to work and we worked hard. We found an awesome guy yesterday, Bernardo. 

Bernardo is 21 and has a lot of questions about god. He was a contact from hermana Love and I. We actually had set up 2 appointments with him before, but for one reason or another they fell through. He is really looking for more blessings and a better relationship with God. It was funny because after teaching him about baptism he looks and says if I get baptized does that make me mormon? hahahah we told him to wait for his answer from God before he gets the answer to that one hahaha. 

I know God watches over us. I know he has so much planned for each of us and for each day of our lives. Nothing is a coincidece for him. 

Have an awesome week and love you all

Hermana Godown

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