Monday, May 2, 2016

Christ like invitations

Hey everyone, 

So this last week was a full and crazy one. Summer is offically over here in Concepcion and it makes me so sad. Part of the fun of saying bye to summer is hello to rain. This is so fun because it means chileans go into hiding! It makes talking to people on the street, contacting, so much more fun hahaha. For example, this last time it rained we still needed 7 contacts so my companion contacted a bus! Wahooooo. I was dying with laughter because the bus driover even stopped the music so that she could talk and pass out tarjetas. oh I wish I could have gotten a video of that. Who knows maybe one of those 10 people will get baptized one day for that contact haha. 

Part of our crazy week was zone conference. I normally am spiritually uplifted by these conferences, but this time it really impacted me. President Arrington shared a class on Peter. Well peter was a great apostle of christ, but he had his dumb mistakes like the rest of us. Each time he made a dumb mistake Christ had an invitation waiting for him. Normally they were invitations to leave what he was doing and follow HIM. Well Christ makes the same invitation to us, and more. He invites us to give up our desires and replace them for his. We each have our own personal invitations from Chrsit in our Patriatical blessings. Through evaluating mine, I have found so many invatations from our Savior and I invite you all to do the same. 

In Conference yesterday we also recieve a lot of invatations from Christ. Some were to be more humble, others were to go to the temple, or spend more time nurtuting our relationships with our family. I hope you all felt that Chrsit personally invited you guys to do something. I know I did. 

I know my savior lives. I know he loves us. I know my family is forever. I know I will see them again in the next life. I know God loves us. 

Hermana Godown

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