Monday, May 2, 2016

food, food, and more food

Hey everyone! 

Okay so as missonaries we kinda eat like A LOT. It is good because we walk all day, but at the same time we justify a lot hahahah. Also members justify for if you see me one day and I am super fat....blame it on the justifying hahah

I start with that because this morning we had a zone activity where one of the members in our zone leaders ward rented out part of a country club for us. The down side was that there was a golf course and I couldnt play. sad day. We ate a hambergures ribs ice cream. lotssssss of food and volleyball haha. 

This week I had a lot of learning moments again. We had a lot of times where is was just out of our control what was happening and others that we just dumb mistakes. For example, we had our last two mini cambios for the cambio and I stayed in our sector both days. The fun day was when I forgot to charge my phone at lunch and my phone is terrible and died. Well my mini cambio companion didnt have a phone so we went the whole work day without a phone......yep my bad. We couldnt get a hold of any of our members.....that was such a good example of how not to act in a sector hahha. God still blessed us that day because  every house we knocked they let us in. Miracle because normally no one lets us in haha. God loves us. I testify of it. 

We also had some miracles with our investigators. Rosario and raul agreed to pive the word of wisdom and law of chastity befor we even taught it. gotta love them invesatigators who do their homework! The only problem is that raul has to get a divorce before they can get married.....laws her in chile are also different because it is going to take 1 to 3 years for his divorce.......ughhhhhhhh.......Marcela also quit smoking! Wahoooooo 

With all of these miracles, we also saw a lot of hard learning moments because we didnt have members to come out with us this week and none fo our investigators came to church this week except for our ghost investigator luis.....
It was hard for us to not have anyone in church. We finished the sacrament reunion and then went to princpios where we talked about sacrifices and adversity.......well we knew that God was talking to us in that moment. We learned 2 things. 
1 adversity is for our eternal progress
2. if we are completing with the lord and doing our part then we have no need to fear. 

God listens to us. He hears our prayers. He knows how to help us, but we have to be doing the things right so that he can help us. I testify of church attendence. I know it is the way God can speak to us. 

Have an awesome week! 

Hermana Godown

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