Monday, May 2, 2016

for better or for worse.....

Hey everyone! 

We had some fun times this last week! We finally have hot water in our house after three weeks of cold showers. Love the mission hahaha. We also had a funny lesson with bernard where he spoke chileanismos with our member to understand the law of chastity. Luckily he doesnt have problems with it haha. 

I had a fun experience this week. Well as a missionary you know that you are constantly with our companion 24-7. It is something one comes to love, but also something that stinks when your comapnion gets the flu. Well poor hermana burnham had to deal with me when I got the flu this last week, but there is a twist to this story. In my calling as an hermana leader we have to do something once a cambio where we have a mini cambio with missionaries who have like 3 weeks in the mission for a day. Well the morning I wake up with the flu is the same morning we have this conference. Well I was like this is not going to be possible. So in the morning hermana burnaham had to take some of the hermanas we had to the conference in the morning and she went with one of the other hermanas that live in our house......well presidfent arrington just happened to see that I wasnt there and was like whats up......well hna burnham said I was sick and well president didnt like that very much and said that the two hermanas I was going to be with were coming to our sector either way so I had to get a blessing. uhhhhhh. Well hermana burnham comes home, I wake up and she tells me that and I put my trooper face on. I got a blessing, and the priesthood is true. I went from fever aches and headaches to nada. The gospel is true. haha we had an awesome. We worked in our trio and taught a lot of people. They even told me in my blessing that I would be happy and I sure was hahaha. I got to work and help some new hermanas to have a good experience. 

We also found an amazing investigator this last week named carolina. She is an antiguo investogator of some hermanas a year ago. We found her by throwing a rock at a dangerous dog and knocking the third door. she is awesome. She has been having some hard times as a mom of 2 and her husband is 0our of town a lot. We taught her about baptism and she tolds us that a yuear ago she wasnt ready for it, but she knows it is something that will help her and she needs it now. she is ready to see the changes God can make in her life. She even told us that she was praying to God beofre we got there asking for Him to help her. She saw us knocking doors and she asked him that if we were from him and this was her answer if we would knock her door. Well we knocked it, and God answers prayers. 

I know the preisthood is restored on this earth. I know God loves us and answers our prayers. I know he has a plan. 

Love you all! 

Hermana Godown

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