Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey everyone, 

I hope you all had an awesome easter. I think the best part of celebrating easter in the mission is that all week I get to focus on Christ and then really remember the reason for celebrating. We had two family home evenings this week where we did an object lesson and taught about the ressurection. We read about them putting jesus in the tomb, and how they annointed him with oils. Well we made little cinnamon sugar marshmallow empanadas and when you cook them the marshmallow dissolves. They are super delish and shows how Christ lives because he rose on the third day. I know that our savior lives and that one day we will be resurrected just like we was. 

We has a suprise third companion this week haha. Our awesome investigator Bernardo got off the bus in the wrong place the other day, and we happened to be knocking doors. We saw each other and he didnt have anything to do, so he asked to accompany us......He in investigating the church, not even a member yet, and he spent like 4 hours knocking doors and visiting people with us. He is AMAZING. Well I guess we should have known that though because in the first lesson with him he self titled himself as elder vergara. I cant wait until he is actually a member hahah. I think this is a good lesson for us as members to see where our time is spent, and if there is a way we could be better helping the Lord in his work. 

We also had some miralces in church yesterday. For the second week in a row, basically everyone of our investigators came without our help. We got to have a lesson with Henry yesterday. Henry lives with our investigator Arturo, and also the member who gave us the reference, manuel. Henry is from Cuba, and here studying for is docterates degree. He has had a hard life, but has seen the hand of god in getting him here to Chile. He had also tried to be baptized multiple times, but everytime it didnt work out in Cuba. God has literally handpicked him from Cuba so he could find the gospel here in Chile. God really does love us. 

Well this next week is general conference. I hope you all are preparing and thinking of questions for the Lord so that he can answer them for you in one of the 4 sessons of conference. 

Have an awesome week, 

Hermana Godown

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