Monday, May 2, 2016

teach repentance baptize converts

Hey everyone!!!

So we had another amazing week here in collao. For reals this sector is GOLD. 

This week started off with a ton of house problems hahaha first was at 2 in the morning. We hared a HUGE thud and thought someone had broken in.....we live on the 5th floor guys....super illogical hahahaha. Turns out we left the window open and the wind was super strong and broke our bookshelf hahaha didnt sleep the rest of that night haha. Second was saturday in the afternoon we came home from lunch and the lights didnt turn on......the opther hermanas told us that we hadnt paid our eletricity bill in a couple months and they cut our services.....awesome. We didnt have hot water or lights for 3 days hahahha so many fun experiences out here. 

We had a special conference with all of the missionaries in the world this last week held in salt lake this last week. It was a really cool experience because they havent done something like this for 22 years now. They talked to us about how to reach our goal of teach repentance and baptize converts. It all begins with working with the members. As members of the church we have a duty to help others to know of the truth of the gospel, but everthing begins with our own conversion. We have to convert ourselves to the docterine befor we convert others. So important. 

Another blessing though focusing more on the book of mormon as we teach is the changes we have seen in our sector. This last week the brother of our convert moved here to conce so we started teaching him. His name is Giovanni. He is 18 and like every other 18 year old looking for balence between studying and family time. We told him how the gospel will help him to have time for everything and even help him have a better relationship with his family. We have been working one being more direct (can you imagine the i would struggle with that hahaha?) and the spirit was SO STRONG in the lesson. He offered the final prayer, came to church yesterday, and is really excitied for his baptism. 

We saw so many miracles this week. Like yesterday we had 4 investigator in church progressing towards baptism (that is not normal by the way normally we are lucky if we get 1). They all have been such a tender mercy to us of how the lord helps us the more that we are humble and come to him. 

Love you all
Have an awesome week, 

Hermana Godown

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