Saturday, May 14, 2016

The new "NORM"

So everyone tells you adjusting is hard and life after the mission sucks. Well I am a glass half full kind of person and say half of that is true. Life is hard, but even in the mission it was. Life after the mission does not suck though. We do the same things to keep us sane. We read our scriptures. We pray (a lot I might add....). And we find solace in our church attendance. Those same three things we told our people.

Can I add though that there might be something else that we learned on our missions that will help us even more?


It is one 9 letter word that changes lives. This life changing word is something that Paul tried to teach the Corinthians a lot. I have been studying in Acts recently where we learn something. Paul can teach us a lot of stuff by the spirit. We must keep ourselves pure. We must have charity. We must love our fellow man. I can make a list for days, but the main thing Paul was trying to teach them was how to be a better disciple.

You may be asking "Okay where is she going with this?"

Let me tell you. If the secret to discipleship is obedience, then how can we be obedient. Let me tell you obedience is hard, but something I learned in my mission and re-learned from Paul is.....drumroll please.....

find your strength in God, not man. (Corinthians 6:12).

He will strengthen us. He will uphold us. He will love us unconditionally.

We are his children. He gets that life is hard, but he is always there for us.

Use that power he gives us.

PS. Here is a short video I found and loveeeeeee this was Paul's message. This is his truth.

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