Monday, May 2, 2016

tired, sweaty, happy

hey everyone

soooooo we had an awesome week here in collao! Life is good, hot, but good. It is funny because we made the mistake of asking a member how hot it was this last week and it was like 27 degrees celcius......nothing.....this next week it is supposed to hit like 30 something.....lovely......well enough weather talk

well this week started off fun, shortly after writing you guys last week hermana love got her wallet stolen, so we went through some fun stuff with that. Went to the police.....turns out that they dont keep track of small robberies like that because it happens at least 200 times in one it hahah she is all good though now so no worries. another fun thing was that we had interviews this last week. I am still good to keep going on my misson. worthiness. check. lat thing.....we realized there was mold in our bathroom today.....I love chile hahhaha (picture included of me cleaning.....good times)

Okay so something really hard for us this last week was that our investigator sergio was supposed to be baptized yesterday. Well this last wednesday we had a lesson with him and he told us that he wasnt ready still. what........that was probably one of that hardest thing to hear. he was doing so well......i still think that the hardest thing in the mission for me is that people have agency. well it was difficult. Through prayer and reading the scriptures I actually found comfort that our investigator felt comfortable enough to tell us. As missionaries we want to baptize converts, not investigators. It is something hard to understand sometimes because as missionaries we love baptism, it is a sign we are doing our job, but if we arent baptizing converts we arent doing our job. I am here to help people to come unto christ, not to change their life for a couple weeks and then forget about it. In my mission I have seen how I have been my biggest convert, I invite you all to do the same, work everyday so that you are your biggest convert. I promise you wont regret it. 

Love you all! 

Hermana Godown

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