Monday, May 2, 2016


Well hello from California,

About 2 weeks ago I got on a plane from my beloved country of Chile to return to my home her in gorgeous Los Angeles, California. Things have been weird for sure, but I decided to take an online religion class to balance me out.

Well this last week in my class we were studying in Acts 9, 13-15. Can I say how much the stories of these converted missionaries helps? So this week we are talking about Saul/Paul (his name is changed to Paul after his calling as a missionary). Well Saul was a trouble maker. You could say that everyone knew it too. Saul dad some bad stuff, and for that the Lord struck him blind (stay righteous so that he doesn't do that to you guys ;). Well he had this humbling experience, and the Lord saw that he needed a miracle to really convert him. So the Lord decides to inspire Ananias by the Holy Ghost, and get him over there to Saul to take away his blindness. So Ananias follows the spirit, heals Saul, and teaches him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Well Saul has this miracle, and acts on his faith to be baptized. After his baptism he is called as a missionary where he has many tough investigators (well most of them are anti Christs/atheists). He defends the gospel in every second, and follows the spirit to be inspired to do so.

Well Saul/Paul is a great inspiration to me. He is what my investigators/converts can become if they really are converted. This topic of the conversion is something I studied a lot in the last of my mission. The difference between Saul and Paul is that Paul was the converted Saul. Saul had a testimony, but Paul had the conversion. The real question is what takes to be Paul, truly converted is. Well as we look in Acts is shows us

Then Saul, (who also is called Paul,) filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him (Acts 13:9)
 For so hath the Lord commanded us (Acts 13:47)
And the disciples were filled with joy, and with the Holy Ghost. (Acts 13:52)

Paul was filled with the Holy Ghost, like many of us after our baptisms, but the difference is that he acted on the promptings he received boldly. How easy is it for us to do this? Many times the promptings we receive are hard, like go talk to that person about the gospel. To take the time and go out of our way is hard, but the Lord gives us strength to do it. The blessings are great, like we see with Paul. Through testifying boldly, he was filled with joy.

I know the same blessings are promised to us, but we must act to receive them. May we pray for the courage to act, like Paul. I know I will.


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