Monday, May 2, 2016

We lost Gerald!!!

Hey everyone! 

So another good week here in collao. Just enjoying every moment while I still can.

Well we had a fun time with our member Gerald this week. Saturday he was supposed to come out with us to Palomares, a campo area of our sector. Well he calls us saying he got off the bus in palomares, but there are two parts of palomares and he got off on the wrong part. Well he gets back on a micro and we are waiting for him on the side of the street where he needed to get off. Well like 20 mins later we call him and well he took the wrong bus and was off in km 10 (by the name i think you can tell that it is 10 km outside of palomares haha) so I am tring to help him get back to palomares and he looses service on his phone....nice. I give him a call back and he is talling me that he is hanging out with the polar bears out by the cordilleras hahaha this is like a desert area so we were like dying laughing. We finally get gerald on the right bus and we go visit our investigator. This story made me laugh a ton, but also really appreciate that Gerald had a good attitude about it, so many other people (me) would get angry and not want to keep going, but Gerald laught and kept going. Sometimes it is so easy to get angry, but it is so important to just come what may and love it. 

Other that our Gerald experience, God blessed us a lot this week. We knocked a lot of doors trying to find, and we lost hope sometimes. We were working in one area, Valle Noble, where I loose hope really easily. Well God blesses us for our perseverancia because that 20th door we knocked, we found Barbara. Barbara is 21 and was trying to find a way to come closer to God. She felt herself pulling away, and she didnt want that. She told us she always had this christian friend who was always so happy and she wanted that. This friend prepared Barbara to listen to our message and accept it. We all have this power to influence those around us. Our example is so important. 

Also last sunday we found Bernardo, a contact from hermana love and I. Well we werent able to meet with him all of this week because of his weird work schedule, but he came to church yesterday! Wahoooooo! He loved church. We also had a lesson with him last night, and he is loving all that we teach him. 

Have an awesome week, 

Hermana Godown

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